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Clinical Education Services

Bluff City Speech provides clinical education/training to other professionals in the area of dysphagia.  We have on-staff experts in the area of  assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders who have extensive experience in the area of instrumental evaluations, both having completed over a thousand in-patient FEES and thousands of videofluoroscopic studies in the adult, medical setting.   Some our professional services provided are as follows: 

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Clinical Skills Training

  • Onsite supervised passes for FEES certification (State of TN) for individuals or groups

  • Clinical competency design and training for endoscopic evaluation of swallowing in the medical setting.  The minimum training for state certification is not adequate for proficiency in endoscopic assessment of swallowing. 

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Are you a speech pathologist new to the medical setting, or feel like you just need a second opinion?  Virtual consultation is  available to review MBS/FEES studies, discuss findings, documentation, and recommendations.  Click here to schedule a session and for pricing. 

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Online Education

  • Coming soon!  MBS & FEES studies available for review, along with discussion and reports. 

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